CBS's choice of Steven Colbert as host of this year's 2017 Emmys Award most likely will negate me from watching an Awards Show I have so enjoyed over the years.
I speak for both myself, husband and others.
His over-the-top bashing of political figures has grown old.
In my opinion his distasteful political rhetoric will detract from the potential Emmy Award winners celebratory moments.
I loved the Late night show prior to Colbert. Now I absolutely turn to Kimmel and Fallon.
I will miss watching the Emmys this year.
IMO very poor choice of Emcee Host.
Colbert personally makes me vomit.
Thanks for letting me express my opinion.
So done with negativity.
By the way I am an "undecided" (formerly independent).
My upbringing has been not to be so openly vulgar and insightful. Colbert contributes to negative bias on television.
Bye bye.

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Elaine Donoghue
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