Hi. In March I bought a car. An Audi A1. Everything seemed on board. I asked as many questions I could because I was a first time buyer. There were hiccups but the sales consultant said everything would be ok. He went far as getting a car insurance for me. Two weeks down the line the car was over heating. It also had an icon of something going wrong but since I knew nothing about cars, I couldn't know what's wrong with it. I called the dealer and they said the car should come back to them. I found out that I had been sold a car that had an accident. It was repaired as new but had permanent damage in certain things. On my side I had a tyre burst and knocked over the pavement. But that w happened after the over heating engine. My calls aren't answered at the dealership. To top it all their DP said he doesn't care what happens because what matters is that Audi received their money and I am the one who is in debt with my financer.

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