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First---seems criminals—attack people like me some do if I question the legal or other staff and other only because I think it is cuase they feed a criminals face or house them so on so if I talk back to staff they attack me but inmate criminal or the person in the wrong misunderstand the facts they are used to stay afloat/employed just this is were inmate is/does wrong is attack me for them (its because they think they will get there face feed for life) and maybe not have to commit crimes for a while and This is a lot like welfare people

Some inmates –have helped me however and so have the poor

Staff actually seem intimidated of some inmates when I see them in jail or other and so do mental health staff to include college degreed to even doctors so do jail staff and police and so on wonder who runs the show sometimes

Some people---are kept in jail wrongfully that is obvious ---guess they need a bed full-- guess not enough of a quata

Once I fell asleep on a bench and police/sherriff sent me to jail for 90days but not able to get hearing so got released
But when I got to a jail cause of over crowded downtown they was going to use a old one actually closed down there was already someone in there in cell when they took me to let me stay there and in cell but someone looked like they were hungry like starveing for a long time thin you could barely see the person cause person was so thin see I tried to tell the lady who was going to put me in the cell but I told them someone was I there already and thin as could be and she told me to go back to the door and staff left with me back downtown I told the staff in the car on the way back down town about the thin person and hoped someone would check into it and help the person don’t ever know if any body did or not and I did my time downtown then

Signed katrine sackett 3/24/63 5ft21/2intallbrowneyes after 1998 year

Ps I told staff to take a look In the cell but staff called me to door and moved me down town

There are people hitting me and other clients/patients from places like Austin state hospital ------------the police even use them sometimes for a variety of things like law breakers or homeless and homeless who fall asleep on the public bench downtown on congress street and the idea of the staff is to show a good example to follow --------------------------------

Once--------I fell asleep on the public bench and police just happen to drive by and they spotted me and picked me up and took me to Austin state hospital --------while there the hospital has escort staff which takes us to off premises appointments at other hospitals----------one female took me to a hospital for a doctors appointment at a breast cancer clinic and hospital for test and results ----while there waiting in the waiting room the staff escort fell asleep while we were waiting for the doctor to come with results the doctor well she walks in and looks and said with a funny strange look on her face which one is the patient and which one is the staff I said the one asleep is the staff and I am the patient she said well guess I will tell ya the results then she did and doctor made a appointment for breast biopsy and when she got done telling me the results I shrugged the staff from Austin state hosp. on the shoulder and said time to go the doctor is done with me know/now-------------the biopsy was scheduled on a Monday and the Austin state hosp. Released me on a Friday so the biopsy did not get done________________________________________________
Question is why do he police sent people there for them to set/be a example because it don’t seem to me that it is a good example to set for others when a staff of hospital falls asleep in waiting room while escorting patient off the premises ----------why use them?---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Plus ---on top of all that people –inmates-other –are hitting past clients when hospital gets questioned or investigated but these people misunderstand why they are questioned ------falling asleep as staff in waiting room while escorting a patient not good and actually considered a form of negligence-------------------------------------------

Signed Katirne Elizabeth sackett 3/24/63 brown eyes 5’21/2 4/2015whitelady 7101 n ih 35 austin tx
today is sept 2018

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