King John's Castle impressed me a bit less than Bunratty Castle which I described under "Best of Ireland" topic.

The castle looks larger than Bunratty, and ... Frankly, the spirit of history, that thin feeling when you are inside and trying to feel like castle's inhabitants felt ages ago...this feeling is not there...

King John's Castle was refurbished many times, well maintained, and now it looks pretty fresh ... which is not good at all. If to compare with Bunratty, I'd say the Bunratty Castle breathes with its history. Even knowing the fact that all the houses surrounding Bunratty castle were collected from many different places in Ireland and are not "native" for the actual location, it gives you that feeling of history anyway.

Anyway, this is one of the places I suggest to visit to all of you who is exploring Ireland, it is vital part of Irish history and a part of Irish heritage.

King John was King of England, he built this castle in 13th century. Wikipedia says that although the site dates back to 922 when the Vikings lived on the Island, the castle itself was built on the orders of King John in 1200. There were lots of different war conflicts however one of the major was Siege of Limerick.

The walls of the castle were severely damaged in the 1642 (Siege of Limerick), the first of five sieges of the city in the 17th century. In 1642, the castle was occupied by Protestants fleeing the Irish Rebellion of 1641 and was besieged by an Irish Confederate force under Garret Barry. Barry had no siege artillery so he undermined the walls of King John's Castle by digging away their foundations. Those inside surrendered just before Barry collapsed the walls. However, such was the damage done to the wall's foundations that a section of them had to be pulled down afterward.

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