Hello. Let's jump right in. B.V.S. is a term used by a few my close friends and family, including myself. It unofficially stands for Bully Victim Syndrome. Simply put, when someone tries to bully someone but is unsuccessful they then play the victim card, we use the term. A small example, when my oldest son was being mean to my youngest son about his basketball skills or lack thereof. I explained to the oldest that he was being a bully and shouldn't be that way. He responded saying he wasn't being a bully just speaking the truth. His truth, was his younger brother would never beat him in basketball because he's weak and sucked. His words not mine. That lead to another conversation about respecting others even if you disagree. Anyway, my two sons played and my youngest son won. After the game my oldest son started complaining about how his brother cheated and how he didn't feel good, and how his shoulder was sore from working out the previous day. My youngest simply said B.V.S. and walked away with the biggest smile on his face I'd ever seen. B.V.S is not used to be negative but to bring awareness to those who may not see the error in their ways, respectfully.   Bully Victim Syndrome can be seen in many areas in our society and the reason I write is to ask you all to be more aware of it. I can think of a few people who have no problem attacking others, trying to bully others into submission. But when the person being attacked stands up for themselves and defends themselves the person who was the instagater then acts as if they're the one being unjustly attacked. We try to curb this behavior in our house because it's unhealthy for one. Other reasons are responsibility and consequences. We want our kids to understand words can make people react in unsuspecting and sometimes undesirable ways. Be careful what you say and be respectful in how you treat someone for you may not be ready for how they respond. B.V.S may not be a real medical term but the people that resemble the tendencies expressed here are. I'm assuming you can think of an example to share. Be careful out there. 

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