Hi. I write this post because of frustration with the way us citizens are being treated by our governments and elected officials, on all levels, local, state, and federal. It feels as our concerns only matter during election time. They say they work for us, which is true, but in my opinion it doesn't feel that way. It seems they do what's best for them and us citizens just have to deal with it. I understand I am one person and I do not expect my concerns to carry more weight than anyone else's. My problem is the secrecy that has been growing over my life time as I pay more attention to the issues as it pertains to our governments. There doesn't seem to be that thing called regular order anymore. Why can't we the people know about policy changes and bill proposals before they are implemented or become law? Yeah, we hear what they want us to hear. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Just a few key talking points to give us a taste. We all know there's more, and parts they like to leave out usually affects us the most. Just an example, I heard Speaker Ryan say the House passed over 300 bills last year. Does anyone know what they are and how do they affect us? This is not a knock on Mr. Ryan, it just illustrates one reason I'm dissatisfied. How can we have a voice if our elected officials don't communicate with us? I can go on but I won't, except to say that we are moving farther away from the fundamental principles of our Constitution and it's dangerous.