Shelters (homeless)

They have vans they use at shelters ---they could be teaching drivers ed to those who have never learned to drive and even ask a used car lot to donate free of charge a car which has not sold due to old age ----automatic cars----they are easier to learn and faster to learn ----and used by business’s
Staff could get street sign books from dept of public safety and have a five day class for one hour long and set three days aside to give each student (homeless) a chance to get hands on driving experience behind the wheel(8 days total) and make sure to use back roads first then highways and make sure staff are in the car with student driver (cover back-up, right turn, left turn, parking)

This would be constructive and get them to advance in life and job possibility--------jobs have the right to refuse to hire anyone who don’t know/now how to drive because they say its in the best interest of the company if one knows/nows how to drive

As long as they are 4 ft 6/8 in tall they should be able to reach the peddle

So! Teach the homeless how to drive a car and if you can a van (this can be seen as improving their employment possibility)

Driving can also be used for private use to get around or go on trips or help with driving when driving in groups

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today is sept 18 2018

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