Actually, we booked our full flight from Finnair, and American Airlines acted as a code share partner here.
We had pretty tight connection and when we passed immigration (approx. 1 hour) and picked up our luggage to check it in again, we found that our further flight JFK to Seattle, WA has been cancelled.
Having zero information of a reason of cancellation as well as what to do next we caught a staff rep to ask what to do next. We were advised to go to Line 1 as for those whose flight has been cancelled. Staff rep at line 1 told us to go to line 5. At line 5 staff rep advised to go to line 11, because line 5 was unmanned due some tech problems. At line 11 we were told to go to line 5. I am mixing all these numbers probably, but the idea was as presented.

Finally, we found the line we have to stay, American Airlines check-in counters for those lucky persons with cancelled flights. There were about 100 persons queuing and even more was on their approach to the line.
AA staff reps were just 2 ladies (four of them 1-2 hours later). The only one positive thing was that about 1-2 hours later AA or JFK itself distributed beverages and snacks.

We spent about 6-7 hours (!!!) queuing in this line and then, luckily, we were told that we are re-booked to the flight which departs only TOMORROW and we have to spend a night in Terminal. Someone in the queue told that JFK got kind of power loss and some (just some) of flights were cancelled. When we asked beautiful check-in lady what do we have to do being with a kid, she told that it's not her business and we can go anywhere we want. She also mentioned that American Airlines is not going to pay our hotel, or stuff, stating no reason why.

Around 23:00 local time (we landed at about 15:30) we won a battle for hotel and taxi transfer (our family) but our friends who traveled with us was anyway forced to spend a night in terminal. American Airlines reps told us several times that they don't care where we are about to sleep, they showed all their respect to AA customers in pretty odd way.

At the end, not to mention awful hours spent in lines to check what to do, we lost a full day of our holidays in United States.

I don't really know what is position of American Airlines company among the others but we found it like a low level budget airline with awful (or even with absence of) service. Next time I'll double check to fly with another airline, not with American Airlines.

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