Recently been to Original Starbucks coffee store at Pike Place market. Interesting and charismatic place, dough. My suggestion is to see its outdoors, there is no real point to waste so much time in lines just to get inside, unless you are a natural fan of Starbucks. In case you are, just go then...
Starbucks is world-known brand and it definitely is interesting to see where it all begun, but again... seeing just the exterior is enough, IMHO. The only thing why you probably might want to go inside is a bunch of exclusive souvenirs being sold just here, in first Starbucks ever.
When we passed Pike Place Starbucks I asked my friend why there is so many people queuing and he replied - "They think it's cool".
That's just about it, guys! With all my respect to Starbucks! Go, see the exterior, then go over the corner to another Starbucks store and enjoy your Frappuccino there!

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1912 Pike Place
United States