Hello. I write this with concern. I was called a liberal yesterday and my response was thanks. The person was apparently offended by my response and commenced to tell me how disappointed in me she was. I asked her when did being a free thinker become a bad thing? She didn't understand. I asked if she knew the definition of liberal, she said she didn't know. I have known her for at least 20 years and we do come from different spectrums of life. That's no excuse, we are friends and I respect her opinions. Over the years we talked about everything, including religion and politics. Not so much politics lately as we have got to a point to agree to disagree. I'm under the impression that most politicians are bought and paid for. I'm not buying what they're selling. She thinks her party can do no wrong. Agree to disagree, like I said. The gang mentality in this country will lead to our demise. That was one of many things I said during a conversation about the new Tax Plan. It took a negative turn from there. I want the feds out my pocket as much as the next person. The point I was trying to make was I thought it could've been better. We need to be united as citizens when it comes to our elected officials. We should demand all bills be passed on a bipartisan basis. This way people and parties won't feel left out, so we don't continue this back and forth changing of laws and policy. Think about it, every time there's a change in party control, whether it is in Congress or the White House, we expect things to be better. If ACA was passed in a bipartisan manner, more than likely it wouldn't be a issue right now. It may be better, it may not. How you see it may only depend on which party you associate with. This is why I feel we have developed a gang mentality in this country. Whether your candidate got elected or not, you should feel and hope that the person in office does right by you, your family, your community, and country. That's how it should be. Once that person takes office, no matter which office it may be, they now represent all people in their respective jurisdiction. It doesn't seem to work that way. Taking care of those who supported them is what happens. This deliberate division is why people get upset. It needs to stop. United we stand divided we fall is not just a motto, it's the truth. We can't continue this us verses them mentality when it pertains to Americans. They have us looking at each other sideways just because we all have different opinions. Rich, poor, or somewhere in the middle, we all deserve a chance. Republican, Democrat, Independent, or Liberal, we all deserve respect. We should show respect also. We can't allow divisiveness to cloud the truth. Our governments should respectfully represent all people so no one feels forgotten anymore or ever again. No matter which party is in control, they work for us. Don't let politics make enemies of family, friends, or neighbors. We also could be more tolerant and actually listen to each other's concerns without getting defensive when we don't agree. We all have our own lives to live but as citizens we're in this together. Unite and demand better from our elected officials and each other.

We are all Americans.