austin texas look there are men adults and minors who pull out there dicks and masterbating (rubbing it) out side on public bench's but this is not o.k. this is not considered appropriate places to do this this kind of thing of rubbing your dick/penis or masterbating is better done in your home in private like in your bedroom if other people are in your house with you make sure to do it in private like in your bedroom when alone In there or ask the other person to excuse you and let you have some privacy and let you have your bedroom for a few minutes alone because you want to fill your own sexual pleasure/masterbate alone

park bench's or public bench's are not the place for this to be done at

those who live or go to spring terrace apts ---the T.V. room on 3rd floor is not the place to pull out your dicks/penis and masterbate that is not the place for it to be done -----at spring terrace apts you all have your apartment for that to be done at -----if you live alone but if you live with someone go to the bedroom were you can do it privately or alone if you live in a apt which every thing is in one room like an efficiency apt then ask the other person to excuse you for about a hour to masterbate so you can have some privacy alone for it (note the yard or by the gate front side is also not the place for it)

homeless those who are homeless you must find a area were there are no people present or like walking past you like maybe a area like wooded area were chances are good no one would walk by to see you doing it meaning masterbateing because this is considered a private thing to do not for every ones eyes to see you doing find a more private place to do it a more desserted place or check into a hotel room that is also a idea of were to do it

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today is oct 28 2018

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