RE: Swimming Lessons in Mental Hospitals

Basic swimming lessons in mental hospitals are a big need.

Basic lessons covering : 1. Frog swim 2. Floating 3. Side swim 4. Back swim is a need to be covered in this class

These classes should be made for all age groups ---minors and adults

Basic swimming strokes can save their lives in small accidents like:

A. Falling off the side of side-walk into a stream or pond
B. Falling into side of rivers or lakes when out walking with friends farting around telling jokes being careless and falling off the side walks edges into the river or lakes
C. Walking to close to pools slipping of wet edge into pool needing to get back to side of pool to get out of pool

These are a few reasons people of all ages must learn some basic swimming strokes that could save their own lives ---------------from drowning accidents --------------------------

Therefore, I recommend all state and county mental hospitals be required to offer basic swimming lessons for patients/clients on hospital premises and out-patient premises

Only basics because those are what they need to be able to do in order to save their own life (the rest of swimming techniques are not needed to save their own life but just wanted to be able to do for fun)

I am requesting this be required to be available on state and county mental hospitals in order for these hospitals to keep getting funded or take away all funding and close them down for failing to have any activities on premises that improves/advances patient knowledge or improves the lives of the patients/clients as in-patient or as out-patient

Like: big Springs state hospital and Austin state or Milwaukee county hospital and others and other states

Also---I recommend it be a requirement to do this in all foster homes and group homes for those clients/individuals put in their care who are under thirty years old


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Thursday, December 29, 2016

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