Frankly, I was surprised in a positive way when I first opened Uber app in Rome and realized that it works! There were black cars in the app driving back and forth so I thought COOOL, I'll take one of them on way back to my hotel.
At about midnight we decided that it's time to go back I opened Uber app again and selected Uber black cars service, the price stated was about 19 EUR and pick-up time was in 3 minutes so I confirmed my choice. Our Italian friend who was with us just called Roman taxi company, they told that cab will pick her up in 4 minutes.
Our friend's cab arrived in 4 minutes, picked her up and drove away... We stood in cool air and waited for Uber car to come... after 20 minutes of waiting we decided to go somewhere to find another taxi and so we did. Uber car didn't show up at all ...
BUT! Arrived to the hotel I got a message from Uber that 10 EUR was taken from my card and the reason was "Driver has to cancel after waiting more than 5 minutes..."
I've sent a letter to Uber stating that we were waiting for about 20 minutes for nothing and decided to go find another cab just because there was no any Uber car arrived.... Uber replied in few days saying OK, we will give back your 10 EUR but as a Uber credit only, otherwise it wouldn't be fair to the driver... He arrived, no matter at what time, but he arrived for you...
Thank you, Uber! You do much better in US, I love your service, but in Europe your service sucks! More expensive than local taxis and attitude towards customer is a shit...

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